Hot Air Ballons – Montgolfiades de Saint-Émilion
From 15th to 17th November 2019

Text by Saint-Émilion Tourisme. Header photo by Cécile Aussourd/Saint-Émilion Tourisme

For its annual edition, Saint-Émilion offers us the opportunity to attend a grandiose show. An autumnal flight of 15 hot air balloons, a chance for a few lucky ones to see the medieval city seen from above and to take in the whole extent of the viticultural World Heritage landscapes below.

At the initiative of Patricia Lamy, organizer of the event and hot air balloon pilot, the balloon flights take place in the morning, from 08:00 and in the evening, from 17:00. Because to climb, hot air balloons need a clear sky and stability, but make no mistake, the adventure promises real thrills.

Les Montgolfiades - Photo : Saint-Émilion Tourisme
Les Montgolfiades – Photo : Saint-Émilion Tourisme

So get ready to get your hands on the equipment, to inflate the 5000 square metres balloons and maneuver safely. The adventure requires a little organization for the 3 – 5 passengers on board. And forget your dizziness, the panorama that takes shape around you will overwhelm you. Here, nature is in direct contact with the eyes, no partition or even a porthole.

We believe the tourist office when they say that “autumn is probably the best season to observe the vine at sunrise”.

15th – 17th November 2019
Please note that places are limited for the flights.
Saint-Émilion Tourisme for more information.