Art, Design & Architecture

Lyon – City of Lights

Lyon is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a Creative City of...

Have you seen Chambord?

In the year of 1519, a palace rises up from the heart...

Chartres Cathedral and the French Gothic style

Notre-Dame de la Belle Verrière (right side in shade)

Pop-art icons by Toulouse-Lautrec

Musée de Toulouse-Lautrec has the world's largest collection of the artist's works

Château d’Arche – on the road to tomorrow

A breath of fresh air is blowing over the Sauternes. This renowned...

Palais de la Cité, radiant French Gothic

Begun some time after 1238 and consecrated on 26 April 1248, the...

Château la Dominique, a red dot in the Saint-Émilion landscape

A visit to the village of Saint-Émilion would not be complete without...

You will find Utopia in the heart of Bordeaux

«It was once a saltpeter factory, an apprentice school for the merchant...

A moment of pause on Place de la Comédie

"Sanna calls for serenity, a moment of pause"

Modern artists and traditional iconography in the Saint-Michel basilica in Bordeaux

The basilica of Saint-Michel contains some remarkable Gothic style stained glass windows,...

Aurore de Dauzac, Margaux 2016

Le Château de Pommard © Château de Pommard - Beaune Tourisme

Burgundy’s Côte d’Or

The village of Manarola

Charming Cinque Terre