Until January 2, 2023

This immersive exhibition begins with a series of artworks by Claude Monet depicting the sunsets and the majestic façades of Venetian palaces. Altogether the painter painted 37 paintings representing the city’s architectural buildings. The visitor therefore discovers the iconic Gothic façade of the Doge’s Palace, Santa Maria della Salute church’s Baroque style, San Giorgio Maggiore’s neoclassical basilica.

The tour continues with an immersion into Paul Signac’s pointillist artworks. The colourful shadows of the city decompose to further reveal the magic.

Header photo “Venice, La Serenissima” © Culturespaces Eric Spiller

Exhibition "Venice, La Serenissima" © Culturespaces Eric Spiller - Bassins des Lumières Bordeaux
“Venice, La Serenissima” © Culturespaces Eric Spiller

As the visitors stroll along the Grand Canal, canals, passageways and squares, buildings and churches, they are invited to a walk between indoors and outdoors, sacred and profane, to the discovery of an extraordinary past. Within forty minutes or so, the visitors get immersed in Byzantine art and the golden mosaics of the St Mark’s Basilica, in Tintoretto’s, Bellini’s or Canaletto’s masterpieces or in the famous Mostra del Cinema with photographs of actresses and actors associated with Italian neorealism.

An artistic experience created by Gianfranco Iannuzzi.

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Text and photos copyright of the exhibition “Venice, La Serenissima” © Culturespaces Eric Spiller