Le Balancier, Bordeaux - Photo : Chloé Vander Poest
Le Balancier, Bordeaux - Photo : Chloé Vander Poest

Located a stone’s throw from Porte Cailhau, in the heart of the historic centre of Bordeaux, “Le Balancier” (the pendulum) offers you gourmet dishes, homemade with passion and according to the season.

Here you will find Mediterranean cuisine, with French and Spanish specialties. The chef concocts 4 menus for you during the year, a perfect reason to come back to try something different with each new season.

Installing swings in a restaurant, a rather daring concept one might say, was apparently inspired by a trip to Mexico. The idea is quite nice, we automatically plunge back into childhood as our buttocks touch the swing. There are of course chairs should you not feel comfortable sitting in a swing…

Le Balancier
11 Rue Ausone
Quartier Saint-Pierre, Bordeaux

Text and photo by Chloé Vander Poest