Bazas is one of the highlights of the south Gironde region. A former bishopric from the 6th to the 18th centuries, Bazas is characterized by beautiful houses on narrow cute streets surrounding its impressive main square, Place de la Cathédrale.

Its beautiful architecture includes the gothic cathedral, recognized as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, old mansions, gardens, and historic monuments. This, however, is not the only attraction of this charming town, it’s also acclaimed for its gastronomy, especially its local beef cattle, the Bazadaise. Avid meat lovers can buy Bazas meat in one of the many butcher shops in the city.

There are also several restaurants on the main square all serving dishes that pay respect to their main produce. Every Saturday morning since 1492, the main square of Bazas hosts one of the most important markets in Gironde. It is a huge market merging all the traditional produce of the southwest of France, from local meat to cheese from the Pyrenees and oysters from Arcachon.

Text and photo by Ira Szmuk