Are you visiting Bordeaux? Do you want to enjoy the beauty and attractions of every neighborhood? Spots Bordeaux takes you to the Chartrons, a district bordering the Garonne, between the Place des Quinconces, la Cité du Vin and Jardin Public.

There are concessions that can be avoided. And in Bordeaux, it is possible to live only a few strides away from the bustling center, away from the tumult and the impatient honking of car horns. The Chartrons district is a village in the city, like a leap into the past.

In Chartrons, one is guided by the nose; by the wisteria and the jasmine which line the streets, by the dust of vintage furniture or the smell of fresh bread. We discover the scent of something else, not only that of its flowers, its antique shops or its bakeries; something that asks us to stay, the smell of tranquility!

Like the Saint-Michel district, Chartrons is more than greenery and fresh air. To appreciate it, we prefer to go on a spring day in nice weather.

Les Chartrons, Bordeaux France - Photo by Asgeir Pedersen, Spots France
The Saint-Louis Church

The point of departure is the Rue Notre-Dame street with its colourful facades, keeping our heads high so as not to miss anything. We enter designer shops, cafes and bars, run by passionate entrepreneurs. The purchases are Made in France, good quality, you are sure to find an original souvenir to bring back.

Still in the Rue Notre Dame, we pass the Temple of the Chartrons and the Saint-Louis church, two must-visit spots, and places to chill on hot days.

The energy picks up on the main square. The terraces are crowded, the neighbours seem to be either grocery stores or butcher shops. It’s time to rest, have a drink and to recap among tapas and glasses of wine. The Halle des Chartrons is a cultural place that hosts temporary exhibitions, surrounded by the first organic market in Bordeaux.

Finally, after a quick meal, it’s time to digest. And the quays are not far off; the ideal opportunity to stroll back to the city, along the Garonne. And if it’s not too late, the exhibitions at the museum of contemporary art (CAPC) could be the ideal place to end this beautiful walk.

Les Chartrons, Bordeaux France - Photo by Asgeir Pedersen, Spots France
The Temple of Chartrons

Written by Anaïs Meunier.
All photos by Asgeir Pedersen, Spots France